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Action Scale technicians are continually undergoing an extensive training program to keep abreast of current standards and up to date with the constantly evolving advances in new equipment and technology. Calibration Procedures are documented and followed in order to better support your ISO guidelines and Quality requirements. Years of experience help to facilitate your calibration needs to keep your equipment working in an accurate and dependable way.

Key Benefits

bulletFIXED COST  calibration, you don't pay travel time.
bulletNIST TRACEABLE     all our standards are certified annually.
bulletISO COMPLIANT     documented calibration procedures.


Periodic Inspections consist of on site evaluation and Calibration Service. Written reports listing the condition of the equipment, suggested repairs, and or modifications to the operation or environment of the equipment. An automatic recall system is used to prevent lapses in calibration. All inspection and calibration services are recorded by a unique Calibration Tracking Job# (CTJ#) that appears on all reports, calibration stickers and invoices. This data is preserved for seven years.
We follow a documented Calibration Procedure Manual that supports your ISO requirements. Calibration services can be single point or multiple points as prescribed in your Quality guidelines. We will test and calibrate your weighing equipment regardless of manufacturer or model, excluding motor vehicle scales.
In addition to calibration stickers that are affixed to your equipment we offer ISO compliant computer generated Certificate of Calibration (CERTS) in various styles. Individual and Blanket Certs are the most common. Custom or specialized Certs are available. Certs may contain many fields including make, model, serial number, asset ID number, test results, both before and after, error or amount of correction, standards applied and their appropriate certification (NIST traceable) number.



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