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820 Counting Scale825 Counting Scale
        820 Counting Scale                825 Counting Scale

The Model 820 and 825 are precision bench top scales designed to accurately weigh and count a wide range of products. High internal resolution, combined with a complex digital averaging algorithm results in precision not found in other devices. Both models are enclosed in a steel case for maximum protection against EMI and RFI interference. A standard bi-directional RS232C port is provided for interfacing to computers, PLC's or printers. RS422 or RS485 outputs, as well as battery operation (internal or external) are optional.

The 820 is supplied with push button tare for gross and net weighing. Counting is simple, place sample pieces on the scale and press the units key.

The 825 has a full numerical keyboard for entry of known tare weights, average piece weight (APW), variable sampling and  reverse counting. The ability for a remote scale platform increases the application index and affords greater weighing flexibility. Optional weight of quantity cutoffs (setpoints) are also available.

Key Benefits

bulletHIGH ACCURACY     1:16,000,000 internal resolution,
bulletHIGH QUALITY    Rugged steel construction, with sealed keypad.
bulletVERSATILE     Counts and Weighs, serial I/O built in, backlit LCD for easy viewing. Simple operation facilitates ease of use.


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