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Bench Scales


Super Bench
Mini & Super Bench Scales.

Bench scales are available in mild and stainless steel in sizes from 10"X10" to 24"X24" in capacities ranging from 5 lbs. to 1000 lbs. Scales can be mounted on a bench, a stand or on the floor. Accessories, such as short or tall indicator column, portability kit (wheels and or carts), pit frame,  ramps, etc. Factory Mutual (FM) approval is available.

Key Benefits

bulletRUGGED    Constructed of mild  or stainless steel.
bulletVERSATILE    Safe overload of 150% of rated capacity.
bulletHIGH QUALITY    Designed to meet or exceed NIST H-44 for class III scales. Factory Mutual (FM) approval is available.



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